creative education.

The program utilizes LEGO® bricks as an educational tool to develop in students with learning disabilities useful developmental and social skills, in essence preparing the students for life itself.

LEGO® are brick building games with a particular dynamic in students with learning disabilities that, typically, are less motivated to involve themselves in activities.

The student learns in a more efficient and effective way by building things meaningful for him. This means that he is actively engaged in the learning process and as a result reaps valuable educational experiences and the maximum possible educational benefits. For the success of the program’s goals, we create a social environment around the student in which he or she can comingle and share experiences with fellow students or teachers.


social skills

immediate and multi-faceted positive impact on the developmental and social skills

strengthening the confidence

Strengthening the confidence of the student

creativity and critical thought

Developing their creativity and fostering the critical thinking

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