Let’s play together.

“Let’s play together” is a shared social space, where children with or without learning disabilities can coexist, play and co-create. Creativity is a universal human characteristic that constitutes a common base of communication, shared by every person on earth. “TheHappyArt” channels children’s creativity into LEGOâ brick building games, within a common social environment, building bridges of communication and opening up the way for them to new ideas.

What Children get

reveal their talent and ability for creation

learn the concept of diversity

learn that they share more in common with other people

strengthen the social integration

The program utilizes the know-how developed during the past 3 years in educational programs for Persons with Learning Disabilities, as well as in events co-organized by “TheHappyArt” in partnership with the “EEA Margarita” (Special Vocational Training Center) and the “Down Syndrome Association of Greece”. The implementation of the program proved that LEGO® bricks constitute a powerful attraction for every child, with or without learning disabilities.

The individual game quickly changes into a team game and the children cooperate with harmony, as they jointly create myriad constructions, enriching their creations with their imagination and creativity. The program strengthens the social integration of persons with special needs through the principle of providing equal opportunities to all students, by obtaining useful developmental and cognitive abilities necessary for all the aspects of life.

Project Status