outreach events.

“TheHappyArt” organizes awareness raising events, the main feature of which is the active involvement of NGOs, of the public and the sponsors.

As we were expanding, it became quickly apparent that for the most effective communication of any message the direct contact is important. For this reason, “TheHappyArt” organizes public information and awareness raising events in central squares of the largest municipalities of Greece, so as to create opportunities for interaction and participation. “TheHappyArt” gives its events a different and special character, making them more akin to a celebration. The events typically include multiple cooperative and artistic activities, interactive games, workshops, contests etc.

Raise awareness

Promote NGOs

Have fun


Chalandri (May 2016)

The first event of tha took place at the square of the Municipality of Chalandri, with the participation of “EEA Margarita” (Special Vocational Training Center), “Stoupatehio” (Service of Special Education of the Greek Centre for Mental Health and Research) and “PEGKAP” (Panhellenic Association of parents and guardians of people and children with intellectual disabilities).

Thessaloniki (Nov 2016)

The second event took place at Aristotelous square, following the authorization granted by the Municipality of Thessaloniki. The “Down Syndrome Association of Greece” participated in the event.

Kalamata (Sep 2017)

The third event will take place at the sunny city of Messinia, the city of Kalamata. Further information will be provided shortly.

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