Sensory Friendly Films.

Sensory Friendly Films are screenings primarily targeted to people on the Autism Spectrum and their families.

 The “HappyArt” has recognized that people with special needs face difficulties when seeking to entertain themselves due to particular incompatibilities or insufficient support structure in venues. We began by applying ourselves first on improving accessibility in cinemas and following to the importation of know-how from abroad. We submitted a proposal for cooperation and joint execution of the project to Village Cinemas Greece where, to our great pleasure, it found warm support. With the enthusiasm of the executives and the employees of the Village Cinemas, the program has become a reality and now people in the Autism Spectrum can relax and enjoy their favorite movie in a friendly and safe environment.

low lighting

The cinema has adequate lighting so that the viewers can enjoy the movie.

no waiting time

The movie starts without delay and in the absence of factors of distraction.


low sound level

The sound volume is lowered to permitted levels in order to create the right conditions.

ample distance between viewers

The cinemas are ensuring the comfort of the viewers, who can choose their own seats and have sufficient distance between them.

project status

The program is being implemented in its pilot phase in partnership with Village Cinemas Renti. Ticket reservations are only available through the webpage of “TheHappyArt”.


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